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My husband and I are avid travelers, yet find booking our own trips somewhat overwhelming. It is because of this that we have used the services of Heidi Weitzsacker at LXR travel for all of our travel needs. Heidi is without a doubt the most professional, hard-working and dedicated agent we have ever worked with. She is extremely informative and goes above and beyond to provide outstanding communication and service to her customers. Heidi is also an excellent problem solver and will go out of her way, day or night, when travelers are in crisis. On one specific occasion my family was stranded in a foreign city, as our flight home was cancelled due to inclement weather. When we learned of this hardship we contacted Heidi immediately, as we had nowhere to stay. We were unsure if she would be able to help, as it was late on a weekend night. However, Heidi immediately sprang into action and secured a hotel and new travel plans for us within minutes. As a mother traveling with 2 small children, this was an act I appreciated greatly and will never forget. This It’s just a small example of why I believe travelers should book their vacation with Heidi at LXR travel. I have no doubt she will make all of your traveling dreams come true and will do it in a way that makes you feel like family.

Sue & Tom D.

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